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Qalamoun activist: Hezbollah advertising ‘imaginary victories’

Hezbollah media outlet Al-Manar reported Wednesday that the “resistance” was […]

4 June 2015

Hezbollah media outlet Al-Manar reported Wednesday that the “resistance” was making progress against Jabhat a-Nusra in the Qalamoun mountains.

Here, Teem al-Qalamoun, alias of a member of the pro-opposition Media Office in the Qalamoun Mountains, tells Osama Abu Zeid that Hezbollah’s official outlet is advertising “imaginary victories it never actually won” in areas that “we’ve never heard of.”

Q: Is Hezbollah actually advancing in the Qalamoun mountains as some news outlets are reporting?

“Hezbollah has begun announcing imaginary victories it never actually won, particularly after the Victory Army administered the group a strong blow Tuesday in which 15 fighters were killed. The operation involved two attacks on points belonging to Hezbollah.

Therefore, we at the Media Office in the Qalamoun Hills affirm that the news of Hezabollah’s progress is false.”

Q: What’s the importance of those areas mentioned by Al-Manar?

“Hezbollah mentioned the names of locations in Qalamoun that we’ve never heard of. Considering that a number of the points that they mentioned don’t exist to begin with, that means those points aren’t important.”

Q: How are battles progressing in the area?

“Fighting is limited right now to the regime bombing positions with artillery and from the air. The Victory Army conducts rapid operations from time to time.”

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