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Rebel claims credit for killing 60 regime soldiers in building blast

  BREAKING THE SIEGE: After months of blockading the facility, […]

18 November 2013


BREAKING THE SIEGE: After months of blockading the facility, the Dere’ al-Asimaa Brigade, affiliated with the FSA, bombed the Military Vehicles’ Administration Building in Harastaon Sunday and killed as many as 60 regime soldiers, including four high-ranking officers.

A technical institute and home to Military Division 446, the position is considered an important administrative facility for commanding operations in the rebel-held town of Harasta, in the northern part of East Ghouta. It also serves as a maintenance center for the regime’s military vehicles. Lately, the building has been used an Aviation Intelligence base, commanding regime bombardment in neighboring areas. The seven-floor building, the tallest in the area, has housed snipers who have blocked rebel advancement.

The Assad regime has advanced in the southern Damascus suburbs in November, seizing controlof the towns of Hujjeira, Al-Sebina and Ghazal. In October, armed opposition forces used a car bomb to gain control of the Tamico checkpoint, a former medical facility and entry point to the nearby town of Mleiha.

Video courtesy of LiwaDira el-Asimah in Damascus.

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