Rebel court issues amnesty for prisoners ahead of Ramadan

June 9, 2015

The rebel-run Central Court in the Western Idlib Countryside released a general amnesty Monday for all prisoners except those held on charges of “honor killings, debt, or threatening the security of the revolution.” The decision affected nearly a dozen prisoners.

The move is intended to celebrate “the beginning of blessed Ramadan,” Abu Subeih, spokesman for the court, tells Mohammed al-Haj Ali.

Q: The amnesty decision excluded those held on charges of threatening the “security of the revolution.” What does that mean?

“That particular charge includes a number of crimes including corresponding with the Syrian regime and spreading battle secrets. It also encompasses those regime soldiers captured during the battles.”

Q: What’s behind this amnesty decision?

“There are a few reasons: the beginning of blessed Ramadan, an attempt to rehabilitate prisoners and to decrease the total number of prisoners.”

Q: How many prisoners do you have?

“Fifty prisoners are being held in the Western Aleppo Countryside Court. Until now, the amnesty has included 10 prisoners. The pardon includes those who have not yet received a ruling; those who have will see their time in prison cut in half.”

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