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Rebels blow up provincial building in Khan al-Asal

April 15, 2013

CONTROLLED BLAST: Members of the al-Quds Battalion in Aleppo’s Khan al-Asl tour what they call the “liberated” governor’s palace, which was used by the Syrian army in Khan al-Asal, before blowing it up on Sunday. The fighters are likely blowing up the building because they cannot hold it, and do not want to lose it to Assad’s forces.

The videos also show the process of planting the explosives by fighters known as Ahrar Khan al-Asal and al-Quds battalions. The government and the rebel fighters have been fighting for this area, which is the home of the Police Academy, for months. On March 19, the government and the opposition exchanged accusations of a chemical attack that killed 25 people in Khan al-Asal, in the southwest of Aleppo province.

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