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Rebels capture Dab’aa Military Airbase

April 19, 2013

This video shows the first footage of military hardware seized by rebels  at the Dab’aa Military Airbase. Four MiG fighters have been wrecked by the rebels who cannot use them now and don’t want them to be recaptured and used by the regime in the future.

They have also gained 12 23mm cannons and 5 57mm cannons. The video also shows an armored vehicle captured by the rebels.

The FSA’s Farouk Battalion which operates outside of Homs claims it captured the Dab’aa Military Airbase southwest of Syria’s third largest city. According to a statement released on the battalion’s Facebook page, the airbase was taken in a coordinated assault by the Baba Amro battalion and the Liwa’ Fajer Al-Islam.

Video courtesy of al-Qusayer Media Center.

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