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Rebels express cynicism about American strike

 September 11, 2013 Syria Direct compiled rebel reactions to the […]

11 September 2013

 September 11, 2013

Syria Direct compiled rebel reactions to the Russian initiative, a sample of which is below. Regime reaction has been low-key, with Syrian Prime Minister Wael al-Halqi telling the semi-official Al-Watan newspaper on Tuesday that “the Syrian government supports the Russian initiative, for saving the souls of the civilians and the security of Syria too, and to stop any war from continuing.”


Sergeant Ibrahim Aslan, 26, is the official spokesman for the FSA’s Midwestern Front in Latakia. Originally from the region, Aslan defected from the Syrian army in October 2011 while doing his mandatory military service.

Q: What is your opinion about the Russian initiative that proposes the Syrian regime hand over its chemical weapons to avoid an American attack?

A: The initiative has already been arranged behind the scenes. We don’t differentiate between the USA, Russia, and Iran. There is no true intention to help the Syrian people [from any of them]. All of the events unfolding are ways to support Bashar Assad in killing his people and weakening the Syrian state from all the sides. No one knows how much chemical weapons are in Bashar’s possession, in addition that Syrian regime would start production of chemical weapons again anyway.

Q: Do you think that the so-called American intervention is just a game?

A: Yes, it is a new opportunity for the Assad regime to silence the rebels, opposition, and Syrian people.


Abu Anas Mu’awyah is an FSA battalion field commander in the city of Homs.

For how long are we going to wait until the world gives us an initiative? Why should we wait for others to think for us?


Abu Hani, a fighter and journalist with FSA’s al-Farouq Brigade in Aleppo, spoke to Syria Direct from the Minigh air base, which was recently captured by the rebels from the regime after several months of fighting.

 Q: What is your opinion about the Russia initiative?

A: The initiative is a big failure and this regime is traitorous. I mean it is no different from the West. All of them are part of a conspiracy against the Syrian people.

This is the reality, and I do not want to speak like the failed analysts, I am transmitting opinions that I hear in the field.


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