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Regime celebrates year of ‘stability’ in Homs city

LOST TIME: Residents of Homs city participated in a regime-organized […]

10 May 2015

LOST TIME: Residents of Homs city participated in a regime-organized event Sunday celebrating the unveiling of the city’s repaired clock-tower, which symbolized “the passing of a year since the Syrian Arab Army returned security stability to the city,” according to the words of the Homs governor, who presided at the event.

“It is a trivial thing the regime is doing, trying to redirect the gaze of its followers away from what is happening in Idlib and other places. The regime always continues to sing the praises of old events and victories,” Husam Badr Khan, an opposition activist originally from the city, told Syria Direct Sunday.

Although state media did not mention specifically what happened to the clock tower, it was mostly likely damaged during fighting for the city, which regime forces recaptured from rebels in early 2014.

The square around the clock tower took on symbolic value for the Syrian opposition when it became the scene of a regime massacre against protestors in April 2011, which resulted in hundreds of dead, injured and arrested, according to an April 2014 report by UK based al-Arabi al-Jadeed.

“The fixing of the city’s clock tower doesn’t mean anything in front of the size of the destruction located only 100 meters away from the clock,” said Badr Khan, referring to the destruction resulting from the regime’s two-year bombardment of Hom’s Old City.

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