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Regime forces try to break through rebels lines in south Damascus

June 19, 2013

DAMASCUS DESTRUCTION: An activist films regime tanks on the main road of the al-Qadim district in south Damascus on Wednesday as they attempt to push into the rebel-held area. “The designated time period for capturing the area was five days,

and by the third day they had not advanced an inch,” al-Qadim’s LCC posted on its facebook page, an account also reported by the Al-Qadim Media Office.

Al-Qadim sits near the Damascus-Amman highway and the old Dara’a highway that divides the neighborhood into two sections. On the eastern side are the Al-Joura and Al-Asali neighborhoods, and on the west lie the Al-Qadim industrial center and the Port Said area.

Al-Qadim is mostly an industrial area, with a train station there that is considered a main junction for civilian passengers to all provinces of Syria, in addition to the Sadeco Corporation that produces gasoline and various petrol derivatives as well as Defense Ministry factories that produce bullets, gas tanks, and electric and water meters. Video courtesy of al-Qadam al-Dimashqi

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