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Regime soldiers defect amidst Harasta fighting

SOLDIERS DEFECT: This snapshot of a scene from the Damascus […]

11 September 2013

SOLDIERS DEFECT: This snapshot of a scene from the Damascus suburb of Harasta shows two regime soldiers defecting from the Syrian army earlier this week. “Bashar al-Assad has nothing to offer you,” the FSA soldier shouts to the regime soldier in the building in this clip, which was aired on Arab satellite stations in the region.

The town, 3 miles from Damascus, remains divided as the two sides battle for control of it. “Harasta is one of the towns that links the suburbs to Damascus, and if the FSA can capture it, it will bring them closer to controlling the Homs-Damascus highway,” says Muhammed al-Taieb, 21, a citizen journalist from Ghouta.

Below, a full transcript of the video:

Yo solders defect we are brothers, yo solders Bashar al-Assad won’t do any good/benefit for you, talk to me talk to me yo solder, I see you I see you, do defect, Bashar Assad won’t do any good for you, look at him he is attacking with chemical weapons, he is attacking our families, and you know that, [if we defected no harm will be on us from you?] it is a promise in front of God, if you came here no one will come near you, harm you, or touch you even with a slap on the face.

I’ll put my weapon on the ground now and I’ll come to you, [come, come], how many are you? [two], just two? Give me a pledge/promise, [we pledge in front of God], yo, here I am without any weapon, [come], lay your guns in front of you, move it away from you, put it down, here I am holding nothing yo, [[praise God, Abalkassem brigade]], here I am holding nothing.

From Raqqa!! And until now you still in the regime’s lap!?

Tow ID? [we could not defect]

What do you have else that proves you identities? [we gave it to you, just IDs], you gave me the IDs!! We are terrorist groups, aren’t we!? Do see how we are killing and slaughtering you! Anyway, praise God for your safety, are you hungry? Do you need anything? Now come with me.

We have security instructions, we can’t show (their faces), now, we got a big surprise for Bashar Assad, it’s on the doorstep, a mass defection and it contains officers too, I am connecting with them, [so are you contacting with them?] YES, we contact with them and with officers too, and they are in middle of their barracks, important officers.

The kings who are setting on their thrones in the Arabs countries, aren’t they seeing the people getting killed!? All of this will be (upon/follow/come to) them, not just us, I swear by the name of God that the criminality of Bashar which he did to Gouta in Damascus will be written ON the history not IN the history, because he is a war criminal and a dictator and a killer/slaughterer/butcher, he got none of the humanity and mercy, him and the countries that support him, I do not know what to say to you! Young children are being slaughtered with chemical weapons! Women and old men! There is no hospitals, no food, there are people who is dyeing out of hunger, I swear in the name of God, so as they died, we are not butter than them, so let us all die then, I mean the Arabs countries are setting and watching us, my brother, we do not want any money support or drinks neither food, the food will finish eventually, a tyrant regime has to be exterminate. Video courtesy of dbdobnews

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