Residents of Duma struggle to make ends meet

September 3, 2013

BEGGING FOR A LOAF: As Damascus braces itself for the imminent US-led strike that would at long last bring the war to Syria’s capital, the nearby suburb of Duma has been starving for months.

Bakers in Duma tell Al-Jadeed News that the town is utterly depleted of food supplies.

“There is no sugar, no ghee, no butter, no oil, no flour, no bread,” says one man.

Two men shown kneading loaves of Arabic bread tell the reporter that it costs 33 Syrian pounds to make a loaf that only sells for 35 pounds. They are barely making a profit.

“If you don’t work, if you aren’t in good financial standing, you can’t afford bread,” one baker says. “Some people beg us for a loaf.”

“They beg us and cry,” his coworker adds.

Video courtesy of aljadeedonline.

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