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Riad Asaad resurfaces, blasts Coalition, FSA

  DRIVING DIVISION: In his first television interview since the […]

9 October 2013


DRIVING DIVISION: In his first television interview since the July attempt on his life, Free Syrian Army founder Riad al-Asaad attacks the rebel group’s current leadership and the Syrian National Coalition. “Tel Kalikh and al-Qusayr have fallen, Homs is still under blockade along with Mouadamiyah al-Sham,” said Asaad, adding that the leadership “only makes threats and statements in the media.”

Outside money has corrupted the opposition that now “excludes all national figures who say no” to them.

Speaking on Syria’s opposition al-Ghad TV, al Asaad declared he would “establish a revolutionary court to judge the Syrian National Coalition and the FSA’s Joint Staff in order to correct the revolution’s path.”

Riad al-Asaad served as colonel in Syrian army and defected in July 2011, then established the Free Syrian Army within the same month. Asaad was targeted by a sticky bomb in March attached to the car he was traveling innear Deir e-Zor, which resulted in the amputation of his right leg.


Image courtesy of askmen

Video courtesy of Free Syria Revolution.

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