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Sectarian Favors for Shabiha in Aleppo Province

“An intelligence agent of the FSA’s al-Tawhid Brigade was able […]

4 June 2013

“An intelligence agent of the FSA’s al-Tawhid Brigade was able to breach a meeting of security forces headed by Muhammad Khaddour, of the regime’s Aleppo Security Committee which derives its membership from the Shiite villages of Nebbol, and a-Zahraa,”explains Abo Firas al-Halabi, the spokesman of the Revolution Leadership Council in the province.

The tape documents a meeting at the Cultural Center in Nebbol with Khadour, standing next to Aleppo governor, Mohammad Wahid, and Baath Party Chief Hilal Hilal in a meeting with the Shiite villagers at a Cultural Center. 

The committee members hail al-Assad and chant sectarian slogans similar to those used by Hezbollah fighters at the Lebanese militia’s assemblies.

They pledge to rescue the remnants of the regime forces in Mennagh military airport held by rebels in Aleppo province.

Khador promises employment for those who join the campaign  “Each person who follows us in this campaign can consider himself as government worker,” he said while making additional promises to up their salaries by fifty-percent. The official declared he would designate the two villages as the Capital of Outer Aleppo governorate adding as an aside, “Son, I am the decision maker”. Video courtesy of Leua al-Tawheed1

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