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Suicide belts: Revolutionaries’ new weapon

July 12, 2013

SIEGE TIGHTENS: Revolutionaries from the rebel-held Khaldiya neighborhood in Homs appear in a video uploaded to YouTube wearing suicide belts, which they say they will use to blow themselves up in order to prevent the regime from capturing their district.

One of the unnamed men appearing in the video says they have only resorted to suicide bombing because of the dearth of ammunitions and weapons.

“We wouldn’t do this except because of a lack of weapons. There is nothing for us, we have no tanks or planes.”

He added that there are fighters with Assad who are not Syrian and who want to storm the shrine of Khalid ibn Walid, which the fighters say they will defend to the death.

“The regime wants Hezbollah militias and the Iranian Revolutionary Guard to come and go with them. They want to enter and walk on the [grave of the] Prophet’s companion, Khalid ibn Walid.”

Homs has been blockaded for 13 months, with the regime shelling it daily with heavy weaponry.

“Today, the regime shelled all of Old Homs, Khaldiya, Ghantou, Al-Halwe, Hussan Citadel, and Zara,” said Suhaib Ali, head of the Al-Rustan media office, on Friday. Video courtesy of the Local Coordinating Committee in Khaldiya.

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