Support for besieged brethren 6-7-2013

June 7, 2013

SOLIDARITY WITH HEZBOLLAH TARGETED TOWNS: Friday’s protest theme was ‘Al-Ghouta and al-Qusayr; An Unbreakable Will”, and the citizens of Kafr Nobl demonstrated with their characteristic wit and humor.The loss of Qusayr and the assault on the capital’s Eastern suburbs has been a joint venture between the Syrian Army and the Lebanese Shiite militia.

“This morning the villages of a-Salhiyeh and Masudiyah in al-Qusayr were taken by Hezbollah members,” Abu Jaafar al-Mugarbel told Syria Direct.

 “The humanitarian situation still very bad, as the dead and injured still lay on streets sides without any medical help. Even now after the regime controls the city, no organization came to help.” Video courtesy of AEN Network

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