Syria: Bread prices by province

August 19, 2015

Bread prices in Syria vary widely from province to province: In Damascus, a standard 1kg bag of bread costs between SP35-75 ($.20-.40). To the south, in Daraa province, the price doubles.

Like the war itself, the problem producing bread is localized. In the suburbs east of Damascus, which regime forces have completely encircled for more than two years, a bag of bread costs on average 800% more than in the Syrian capital.

Flour shortages, blocked supply routes and ongoing battles all also contribute to spikes in the price of this Syrian staple.

What emerges from the data Syria Direct gathered is that citizens across Syria, regardless of who controls their village, town or city, struggle with finding quality bread at an affordable price. The notable exception is Damascus, where the government has made bread provision a priority, though even there, shortages are not uncommon. Still, one resident told us that despite strict price controls on the actual bread, privately owned bakeries are now charging for the bag in comes in.  

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