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Syria Direct: News Update: 10-09-2013

* The Jordanian Ministry of Health has documented 95 tuberculosis […]

9 October 2013

Syria Direct Logo* The Jordanian Ministry of Health has documented 95 tuberculosis infections in Jordan, 45 of them among Syrian refugees in Zaatari camp. The ministry estimates that the number will rise to 200 infections, al-Ghad newspaper reported on Wednesday.

* Twenty-five opposition battalions attacked the two largest regime military outposts in Idlib province, theWadi al-Daif and al-Hamdiyeh military camps, on Wednesday. The Syrian Observatory reports dozens were killed and injured on both sides. The Syrian air force responded with two raids on M’aaret al-Nu’man, a nearby rebel-controlled town.

* The head of the Syrian Coalition’s Democratic bloc, Michel Kilo, questioned the ability of Geneva II to succeed in an article Wednesday in the London-based newspaper Al-Sharq al-Awsat. Kilo believes that a solution would require agreement not only between America and Russia but also a decision by Russia and Iran to withdraw support for the Syrian regime, leading to its collapse.

* The president of the Lebanese caretaker government Najeeb Miqati announced Tuesday that Beirut has began procedures to cease the flow of Syrian refugees into Lebanon. This action, which will allow Syrians with extenuating circumstances only to enter the nation, comes as the number of Syrian refugees in the nation surpasses 782,000, reports the Lebanese daily al-Nahar.

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