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Syria Direct: News update 11-14-2013

* Clashes continued for a third day Thursday between Free […]

14 November 2013

NewsUpdateNov2013* Clashes continued for a third day Thursday between Free Syrian Army troops and regime forces in the village of Yabroud on Mount Qalamoun, the Qalamoun Media Center reports. The mountain overlooks the national highway between Damascus and Homs. Airforce fighter jets dropped at least 10 barrel bombs as the army launched artillery fire into Yabroud, resulting in a number of injuries.

Artillery fire into Yabroud in Qalamoun. Photo courtesy of Qalamoun Media Center.

* The Minister of Electricity Imad Khamis confirmed Thursday that repair and maintenance are underway at the Aleppo Power Plant, where the ministry is currently working to restore high-tension lines in order to widen the power supply in the city of Aleppo. Losses in the electricity sector have exceeded SYP80 billion since generating stations were targeted by armed groups, resulting in an outage of 3,000 megawatts, reports the website Damascus Post. 

* The Syrian National Coalition accused the Kurdish Democratic Party Thursday of creating an “organization against the Syrian revolution” after the Kurdish party announced the formation of an autonomously administered area in northern Syria earlier this week. “This represents a separatist movement divided from any relationship the Syrian people [who are] struggling to create a united, free, independent Syria with absolute sovereignty over its territory,” the SNC said in a statement.

* Government troops seized control of the southern Damascus suburb of Hujjera on Wednesday, as clashes continued across the capital, including in the Yarmouk camp, Qadim and the northeastern village of Barzeh, according to the Syrian state news agency SANA. Opposition activists announced two car bombs resulting in an unspecified number of casualties in southern Damascus, one targeting a military installation in the neighborhood of Tadaman and the other in the neighboring district of Sidi Mikdad.


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