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Syria Direct: News Update 12-02-2013

* Heavy regime shelling of the town of Nabek in […]

2 December 2013

* Heavy regime shelling of the town of Nabek in Qalamoun coincided with violent clashes abutting the Damascus – Homs highway and the Yabroud bridge Monday, reported the pro-opposition Qalamoun Media Center, adding the Syrian air force had launched continuous raids of the city. On Sunday, official news agency SANA reported Syrian army units had advanced in northern Nabek and seized control of the Qalamoun Hospital.

* Fighters from numerous FSA-affiliated brigades as well as Jabhat al-Nusra seized control of the government-held Tasleeh Base near the village of Boser al-Harir in Daraa Monday, arresting a number of government troops after several days of clashes around the base, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights reported.

* Iranian President Hassan Rouhani lauded Syrian efforts to “combat terrorism” and prevent a U.S. attack on Syrian soil in a meeting with Syrian Prime Minster Wael al-Halqi in Tehran on Sunday, the Tehran Times reported. Al-Halqi congratulated Rouhani on Iran’s nuclear agreement with the G5 + 1.

Rouhani and Halaqi

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani meets with Wael Halqi. Photo courtsy of Tasnim News

* The Liberated Aleppo Lawyers Commission staged a sit-in in front of the Islamist Sharia Commission’s headquarters Sunday, protesting a decree issued Thursday “abolishing” the civil legal profession. In a statement, The Lawyers Commission said the Sharia Committee demonstrated huge ignorance toward their profession, adding Sharia traditions articulate the right to legal defense, Zaman al-Wasl reported.

* Unknown armed groups kidnapped a religious judge from the Sharia Commission in a-Raqqa in front of his home Sunday, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights reported.

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