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Syria Direct: News Update 4-9-15

New Hama battle to reduce pressure on Idlib rebels The […]

9 April 2015

New Hama battle to reduce pressure on Idlib rebels

The Feilaq a-Sham brigade announced a new battle against regime checkpoints in the northern and western Hama countryside Wednesday aimed at reducing pressure on rebels in Idlib, a spokesman for Feilaq a-Sham told Syria Direct Thursday.

The campaign will target checkpoints specifically in Morek and Tel al-Hamimat, aimed at reducing pressure on Idlib’s rebels “especially since Morek sits on the highway leading from Hama to Idlib,” said Abdul Rahman al-Khatib.

Various brigades including Ahrar a-Sham will participate in the “The Believers Are But Brothers” battle.

Ahrar a-Sham carried out a high-profile car bomb attack on a checkpoint in the western Hama countryside Wednesday, reportedly killing 20 regime soldiers, according to the group’s website.

The attack was part of the new battle, al-Khatib told Syria Direct Thursday.

In related news, regime reinforcements consisting of 1,000 to 1,300 soldiers arrived at the al-Mastuma base south of Idlib city, reported a citizen journalist who works with the Murasel Suri Facebook page Thursday.

0409DaraaRebels target Iranian fighters in Daraa. Photo courtesy of Syrian RCC

Daraa rebels continue push to Damascus

Rebels attacked the regime-controlled town of Jadiya in northern Daraa province on Wednesday as they position themselves to make a push towards Damascus, a Daraa-based activist told Syria Direct on Thursday.

“The capture of Jadiya is important because the opposition aims to take the adjacent [regime-controlled] city of a-Sanameen and open the road to Damascus,” said Abu Darhgam al-Hourani.

Iranian and Hezbollah forces have turned a-Sanameen into a regime stronghold, said al-Hourani.

A spokesman for the rebel brigade Alwiyat al-Furqan echoed the claims to Syria Direct, saying that rebels were fighting Iranian and Hezbollah fighters.

Rebels launched a series of rockets on Jadiya Wednesday, reported the pro-opposition Shahid Media Foundation.

Wednesday’s attack comes in the wake of the rebel takeover of the nearby town of Kafr Shams from the regime on Monday.

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