Syria Direct: News Update 7-23-2013

July 23, 2013

* Shahed News: Pro-Assad forces lock 20 persons in a room and burn them alive in al-Bayda near Banias, 8 children dead.

* A-Raqqa Media Office: FSA’s Brigade 11 confiscates vehicles from PKK and kills tens of their soldiers in Tel Abiyad.

* SANA: Syrian forces discover additional tunnel used by “terrorists” and kill several in Jobar area in Eastern Ghouta.

* Shahed News: Air force target Khan Asal/Aleppo with two missiles.

* Syrian Observatory: Clashes between FSA and regime forces in Industrial City of Deir e-Zor.

* Mazzeh LCC: Conflict intensifies between the FSA and Assad’s shabiha across the al-Matahin axis of al-Mafraq and Fira’ al-Jawiyeh in Outer Damascus.

* New Aleppo LCC: MiG fighter jets spotted at low altitude heading toward the western countryside.

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