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Syria Direct: News Update 8-15-2013

August 15, 2013

* Pro-rebel Latakia LCC reports that Assad forces distribute preventive respirators to supporters on the front lines in rural Latakia province amidst fears that government troops intend to use gas agents.

* Syrian Observatory: United Nations says it has not reach agreement with Syrian regime regarding safety guarantees for chemical weapons investigators.

* UK Minister of State for International Development Alan Duncan says the “struggle in Syria is the most dangerous problem in Middle East,” more complicated than the Palestine/Israel situation.

* Jordanian state paper Al-Rai reports on US Joint Chief of Staff Martin Dempsey visiting the kingdom just weeks after submitting a Syria assessment to Congress that includes provisions for military coordination with Amman.

* Syrian Coalition President Ahmad al-Jarba denies existence of rebel training camps in Turkey and Jordan. “The FSA does not need to train out of Syria, it already controls a wide part of Syria,” said al-Jarba.

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