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Syria Direct: News Update 8-18-2013

* UN’s chemical inspection team led by Angela Kane and […]

18 August 2013

* UN’s chemical inspection team led by Angela Kane and Ake Sellstrom to arrive in Damascus Sunday.

* Israel Defense Force spokesman confirms Tel Aviv hits Syrian Army base  Saturday in retaliation for series of cross-border incidents.

*Online newspaper Zaman al-Wasl reports FSA’s Revolution Military Council in Aleppo has ejected Kurdish fighters of the Jebhat al-Akrad brigades from the anti-Assad opposition after accusing them of coordinating with PKK and PYD. Meanwhile coalition says it is forming joint task force with Kurds to better coordinate efforts in Syria.

* SANA: Syrian Army retakes villages in Outer Latakia from rebels.

* Jordan asks General Martin Dempsey for “observer aircraft“ to patrol Syria border according to Saudi Al-Arabiya satellite news channel.

* Hurriyet Daily News: Syrian Opposition moves offices from Cairo to Istanbul as Turkey-Egypt relations deteriorate further.

*Al-Rai :Iraqi Foreign Minister  tells Washington his country has “adopted a neutral position toward Syria, though it does not want ‘terrorist base’ on its borders.” Meanwhile opposition leader al-Jarba charges Iraq with allowing Iranian jets using to supply Syrian government with weapons.

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