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Syria Direct: News Update 8-19-2013

* As weapons inspectors begin their Syria mission, the opposition […]

19 August 2013

* As weapons inspectors begin their Syria mission, the opposition Kolona Shoraka website reports the abduction of Abdultawab Shahrour, head of the government’s forensics unit in Aleppo. Shahrour was taken from his home Friday in the al-Akramiya neighborhood, which is controlled by the regime. Shahrour is considered a major asset to the regime in the debate over who used chemical weapons on civilians in Aleppo.

* SANA News: 15 armed “terrorists” moved to Israeli hospitals after being injured in Quneitra. Israeli doctors have treated some 123 Syrians since the beginning of the civil war in Syria, according to Tel Aviv daily Haaretz.

* In non-sectarian appeal to Latakia residents, Syrian Coalition calls on citizens to “support goals of the Syrian revolution as a country of civil rights and help end decades of dictatorship.” Rebel groups release video of MiG downing near Jabal al Akrad airbase in north Latakia province.

* Pro-regime al Al-Watan newspaper reports a confrontation between the YPG’s “Protection Units” and ISIS in Aleppo; clashes continue between the two sides near Turkish border.

* “Silence about ISIS violations against Syrian civilians, journalists and foreigners is a national catastrophe,” Druze coalition member Rima Fileihan tells online newspaper Zaman al-Wasil.

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