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Syria Direct: News Update 8-20-2013

* The Syrian Coalition praised the arrival of the chemical […]

20 August 2013

* The Syrian Coalition praised the arrival of the chemical weapons investigation team in Syria and assured the UN mission of its commitment to cooperate in any capacity needed. The Coalition said in a statement that investigators should visit all sites where chemical weapons have been used, including “liberated territory.”

* UN said more than 20,000 Syrian Kurdish fled to Iraq in recent weeks, Syria News reported.

* The Red Cross chief in Beirut says “the division between armed groups delay humanitarian work in areas they control,” France 24 reported.

* Syria’s mufti, Ahmad Badr a-Dien, received Russian delegation visiting Syria and said, “Syria is fighting today to help the world, including Russia,” Kolona Shokaa reported.

* The Jordanian Prime Minister Abdullah Ensour declared the country’s readiness for the possibility of chemical war in the region, one day after arrival of the UN investigation team of chemical weapons in Damascus. Ensour told a press conference in Amman on Monday that an American contingent is “training and assisting in preparations should this happen.” Zaman al-Wasil.

* A military commander of Lebanon’s Hezbollah was killed in fighting near the Syrian capital and has been buried in his southern Lebanese hometown of Kfar Sir, al-Watan al-Arabi reported.

* Pro-regime SAMA News: Government forces take back more lands in Outer Latakia.

* SANA News: Iraqi security captures three terrorists during an attempt to smuggle weapons to Syria.

* The founder of Orient News, Ghassan Abood, says that Father Paolo dell’Oglio is alive and asks the kidnappers to set him free, SANA Revolution reported.

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