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Syria Direct: News Update 8-27-2013

* National Coalition and FSA Supreme Military Council Joint Command […]

27 August 2013

* National Coalition and FSA Supreme Military Council Joint Command condemn the regime supporters that they claim were behind the attack on the UN Chemical Weapons Team. The motive behind these attacks, opposition leaders say, was to instill fear in the team and prevent them from ascertaining the truth.

* The Assyrian Network for Human Rights reported that the Assad regime is planning to target Christian Cities near Damascus with chemical weapons in the next few days.

* Rozana FM: An anonymous high level official from the Pentagon said that four American Navy destroyers are currently in the Mediterranean Sea ready and awaiting orders to enter Syrian waters.

* Syrian Observatory: 53 regime soldiers from the National Defense Forces were killed in the village of Khanasser, Aleppo Province.

* Al-Manar: “When Syria is under attack, the only option Syrians have is to defend themselves,” said Media Minister Omran al-Zu’bi 

* SANA: Iraqi government asserted its opposition to attack on Syria, saying that the situation will grow more complicated.

* Al-Sumaria News: “Iraqi security forces are now responsible for both Iraqi and Syrian border security because 200 security stations are vacant on the Syrian side,” said General Lt. Hassan Karim, commander of the Badia and Jazeera.

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