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Syria Direct: News update 8-29-2013

August 29, 2013

NewsUpdateAug2013* Twenty-four hours after releasing its own Ghouta gas attack report, the Syrian Coalition calls on the U.N. to continue its work. “The United States and its allies do not have any evidence supporting their accusations,” retorts Syrian Deputy Foreign Minister Qadri Jamil. 

 * Russian agency Interfax claims Moscow is sending anti-submarine battleship and missile cruiser to the Mediterranean.

* Syrian Trade Minister Mohammed Thafer promises 1,000 tons of flour coming from Iran soon, pro-regime al-Watan News reported as water shortage in Hama slips into its third week according to Syria Live.

* The FSA announces the formation of  Military Medical Council led by General Mo’taz Htietanito to help injured rebels in areas held by armed opposition.

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