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Syria Direct: News Update 9-02-2013

* Sana News: Pro-regime Women’s Alliance demands that “free women […]

2 September 2013

NewsUpdateSept2013* Sana News: Pro-regime Women’s Alliance demands that “free women of the world condemn plans for a US attack”, reject “colonialists ” chemical weapons charges against Syrian government.

* Al-Manar: Syrian “street “ is satisfied with government’s readiness for any possible attack. Iranian parliament’s National Security and Foreign Affairs chairman Alaa a-Din Brojrdi declares his country’s support for Syrian government at Damascus press conference. “Biggest loser will be the United States and its agents in the region”, a-Din Brojrdi predicts in pro-government Watan News.

* Al-Ghad: Jordan’s refugee affairs chief General Waddah al-Hamoud claims 106 Syrian refugees entered illegally Sunday while 573 crossed at official frontier posts. Al-Hamoud added that about 130,000 Syrian refugees now live in Jordanian camps.  Jordanian Information Minister denies plans for kingdom to serve as anti-Assad “launchpad.”

* Lebanon Now: Syrian intelligence officer among five charged with mosque bombings in Tripoli implicating regime in Lebanese sectarian violence.

* Fourth Division deploys artillery and mortars in Damascus suburbs while FSA and regime forces battle on key roads into capital according to the Local Coordination Council. Rebels claim downing of warplane in Deir A Zour and grad missile strikes on government positions around Hama.

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