Syria Direct presents ‘Losing Home,’ a short documentary series on Housing, Land and Property violations in Syria

May 27, 2021

AMMAN — From the hairdresser who saw his house occupied by armed groups in Afrin to the psychologist who had her home in Daraya expropriated by the Syrian government, ‘Losing Home’ illustrates the personal pain and rage that hides behind Housing, Land and Property (HLP) violations.

‘Losing Home’ is a short documentary series consisting of six episodes featuring Syrian refugees in Iraqi-Kurdistan, Jordan and Lebanon who have seen their property rights violated in Syria. Each episode illustrates how a decade of HLP violations in the context of the Syrian war has left deep scars on Syrian families. 

The testimonies include those of Kurdish and Palestinian refugees, as well as women, groups that are uniquely impacted by HLP issues in Syria.

Arabic and English versions of the six episodes will be released throughout the month of June on the Syria Direct website.  The series was filmed by Syria Direct reporter Alicia Medina, and the soundtrack was composed by Jawad Mawla.

This documentary series is part of a larger effort by Syria Direct to cover HLP issues in Syria, featured in a special HLP section on the Syria Direct website. In the prelude to Syria’s reconstruction, addressing HLP rights are crucial to drawing the future of the country.