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Syrian regime ‘accuses al-Qaeda of anything they do’

April 29, 2013

April 29, 2013

Ali, 32, is a manager at the Syria Live Network, a 24-hour online radio network run by volunteers looking to get news out about what’s happening in Damascus and beyond. He discussed the Monday bombing in Mazzah from Damascus with Nuha Shabaan.

SLN: Is a network that aims to serve the Syrian revolution..

Q: Have you heard of today’s bombing? Do you have any information about it?

A: A car bomb exploded at 9 am in the Western Villas in Mazzeh district, near the communication facility and Ibin Reshd Park. The bomb targeted the convoy of Dr. Wael al-Halqi, the prime minister, and we have unverified information about the death of his driver and two of his escorts.

Q: What do you think of this bombing?

A: No group has claimed the bombing yet.

Q: Sharif Shehadeh, a strategic analyst who works for the regime, said that a Balkan group is behind the bombing. What do you think?

A: This is an evidence that the regime is involved in it because they accuse al-Qaeda of anything they do.

Q: As an independent network that aims to serve the revolution, do you have any information about the casualties?

A: The regime has encircled the area. Other than the killed driver, there is only material damage. None of the walkers were killed.

Q: Do you think the prime minister was in the car?

A: I don’t think he was in the car because it’s the regime that stands behind this bombing. It’s their game. [The prime minister was targeted] but then proceeded work at his office as if nothing happened. The driver and the escort were killed, but he [the PM] wasn’t even scratched. Doesn’t that drive one crazy? I don’t think he was in the convoy. The regime only wants to win the world public opinion. They want to say there are foreign terrorists who works for al-Qaeda, because they know the West fear those.

Q: What do people around you think of this bombing?

A: They all think the regime is behind it.

Q: Do you think the series of bombings in Lebanon will be now repeated in Syria?

A: Yes, this is certain. The regime was behind every explosion in Iraq and Lebanon. The engineered all terrorist attacks in the region, and the whole world knows it.

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