Syrians line up for medical care in Ramtha

March 10, 2015


MEDICARE: Hundreds of Syrian refugees wait outside a makeshift medical clinic in the Jordanian town of Ramtha, two kilometers from the Syrian border, nearly all of whom are women and children.

“Many women have lost their husbands or have been abandoned,” Tisneem Mbydeen, a Jordanian medical student volunteering at the center, told Syria Direct.

The mission to Jordan was organized and managed by Atlantic Humanitarian Relief in collaboration with other partners. The volunteers provided free medical care, supplies, medication and humanitarian aid to displaced Syrians.

The group has been sending missions across Jordan three times a year since 2012. 

It makes sense that most of the patients at the Ramtha clinic are only women and children, said one Syrian volunteering as a translator at the clinic who asked to remain anonymous.

“An entire generation of men has been lost in the conflict,” he said, “either killed in the fighting or trapped in prison.”

-March 10, 2015

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