Syrians seek refuge in olive orchard outside Al-Qusayr

June 12, 2013

HIGHWAY OF DEATH: Syrians who have fled the fighting in Al-Qusayr have landed in surrounding villages with relatives or in other shelters. The less fortunate have sought refuge in this olive orchard, just off the Al-Qusayr highway, now nicknamed “the highway of death.”

Live fire is heard in the background throughout. Most of the Syrians hiding in the orchard are lying down to avoid getting hit by stray bullets. They appear to have no source of food or water.

An FSA fighter says: “Four thousand civilians are here, and those who don’t get killed by bullets, will die by hunger, thirst, or wounded.” The longer version of this clip, published Tuesday, shows Syrians eating raw potatoes from the fields and drinking unclean water.

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