Authoritarian tendencies mar the AANES’ quest for recognition

Arbitrary arrests targeting journalists and opposition members are on the rise in territories controlled by the SDF, which faces mounting popular dissent and intra-Kurdish tensions.

By Ammar HamouLyse Mauvais|2021-07-22T15:29:04+03:00July 22, 2021|Hasakah, Politics|

Bashar al-Assad issues general amnesty excluding prisoners of conscience: Who benefits and why now?

Described by the regime as “one of the most comprehensive,” al-Assad's latest amnesty decree again excludes political prisoners, including those forcibly disappeared by government forces and security services.

By Hadeel Al Rawabdeh|2021-05-10T14:37:46+03:00May 10, 2021|Culture & Society, Damascus|
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