8 03, 2023

Distance (Episode 5): Under one roof

By Alicia Medina|2023-03-09T11:28:36+01:00March 8, 2023|

In 2015, Haitham al-Kurdi made the dangerous journey from Syria to Denmark alone, planning to bring his wife and children later. Over the following eight years, his hopes were repeatedly dashed as Danish asylum policies tightened.

6 02, 2023

Distance (Episode 4): Dad is on the phone

By Alicia Medina|2023-03-08T17:17:24+01:00February 6, 2023|

Khaled and his three-year-old daughter Jawahir have only ever met on the phone. She was not yet born when he fled Syria in 2018, aiming to apply for family reunification with his wife and their daughter. But they missed a bureaucratic deadline, and for three years the family has been in limbo.

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