Sowing fear, burning crops: The latest regime offensive terrorizes farmers in northwest Syria

The latest regime strikes on northwest Syria have claimed lives and disrupted the harvest, pushing farmers underground to escape indiscriminate bombings and the illegal targeting of agricultural areas.

By Lyse Mauvais|2021-06-17T17:13:35+03:00June 16, 2021|Environment, Hama, Idlib, Politics|

Northeast Syria’s farmers brace for a catastrophic harvest amidst a severe water crisis

The wheat harvest is starting in northeast Syria amidst a regional drought. Local farmers expect very poor yields, which will have dire consequences as nearly 60% of Syrians are already food insecure.

By Lyse Mauvais|2021-05-30T15:32:25+03:00May 26, 2021|Deir e-Zor, Economy, Environment, Hasakah, Raqqa|
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