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Top 5 events of the Syrian revolution 3-18-13

March 18, 2013

THE EARLY UPRISING: This week, SAS News presents its top five events of the Syrian revolution in chonological order, one for each day of the week, and we begin where it all began – with peaceful protests in thespring of 2011. In this clip, a woman addresses the crowd at a protest in Baniyas, Tartus province on April 17, one month into the Syrian uprising. “Our first demand is the fall of the president,” she tells the cheering crowd. State media claimed the protest actually occurred in Iraq, but one young man published a video proving otherwise. The youth, Ahmed Biaseh, was later arrested. His family accused the government of killing him, as he was last seen on state television confessing to being part of the conspiracy. The protests in Baniyas were of particular concern to the regime, firstly because it was one of the first cities to launch protests, and secondly because Christians, Sunnis and Alawites live in that area. Video courtesy of SyrianFreePress YouTube channel


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