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Two days of regime airstrikes put five Idlib hospitals out of commission

Regime warplanes struck the Shifa hospital in the south Idlib […]

9 August 2015

Regime warplanes struck the Shifa hospital in the south Idlib town of Ihsim on Saturday, in a second day of air raids in the Idlib and Hama countrysides that put five hospitals out of service and killed four people.

Beds in the Shifa hospital can be seen lying in disarray following Saturday’s strike in a picture given to Syria Direct on Sunday by Ibrahim a-Shimali, a correspondent working in Idlib and Hama with the Umayya Media Center.

Regime planes systematically bombarded most of the villages and towns in the Hama and southern Idlib countrysides on Friday, pro-opposition Umayya Media Center reportedon Sunday.

Later the same day, regime planes targeted four hospitals in the area where wounded from the previous raids were receiving treatment.

A regime airstrike on the Shifa hospital in the south Idlib town of Saraqeb on Friday killed three medical workers and the patient they were operating on, pro-opposition All4Syria reported on Saturday.

All the hospitals targeted in the two days of raids suffered extensive physical damage that forced them to cease operations. The raids struck the central hospital of Hama province in the town of Hazarin, the Orient Hospital in Kufr Nebl and the Kansafra Surgical Hospital in Jabal a-Zawiya in addition to the two Shifa hospitals.

The Hama and Idlib Health Directorates condemned the acts on social media Saturday, calling for the protection of hospitals and medical personnel from future attacks.

The strikes come as the rebel Victory Army coalition battles regime forces in the nearby Sahl al-Ghab plains region spanning the northwest Hama and south Idlib countrysides.

Photo courtesy of Ibrahim a-Shimali.

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