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VIDEO: Out of bread, desperate Waer residents find themselves in the crosshairs

AMMAN: When the Syrian regime retook Homs city from rebel […]

AMMAN: When the Syrian regime retook Homs city from rebel forces in 2014, one stubborn pocket of rebel resistance remained: the district of Waer.

Currently home to an estimated 125,000 people, Waer residents are living under a strangling blockade by regime forces.

While a truce agreed between rebels and the regime in December promised relief for Waer residents, negotiations broke down over in March the release of regime-held prisoners.

No food, medicine or fuel has entered for nearly two and a half months, residents told Syria Direct on Thursday. Earlier this month, regime soldiers stationed outside Waer stopped an international aid convoy from entering.

On Monday, amidst reports of malnutrition, the regime began to allow residents of Waer to temporarily leave the district to buy bread.

Two days later, civilians heading towards a bakery outside the district came under fire from snipers stationed on top of a nearby hospital. Seven were wounded, one of them critically.

In this Syria Direct dispatch from just outside blockaded Waer, Civil Defense personnel rush to get wounded medical assistance. 

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