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What happens after a barrel bomb explodes

June 10, 2013

The chaotic minutes following a barrel-bomb attack on Al-Tabaqa, the second-largest city in A-Raqqa province in the north. The province is the only one under the full control of Syrian rebels after the fall of Division 17 over the weekend, the regime’s largest military base in the north of Syria.

Here, citizens frantically try to pull victims from the wreckages of homes after regime choppers dropped explosive barrels, stuffed with TNT and shrapnel to maximize casualties, on the area near the Electricity Company. At 1:15minutes, a dazed baby with a bleeding ear clings to the man holding him in the back seat of a small truck that speeds away. “We are not afraid of you, Bashar!” men shout in the street up to the sky. Video courtesy of the Raqqa Media Center. 

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