Young rebels in Daraa deride text from government

December 1, 2013

DARAA DARES DAMASCUS: Young rebels from Daraa calling themselves the Antar bin Shaddad brigade posted a video online Saturday poling fun at SMS messages sent by Assad’s military to their mobile phones. The text messages called on rebels to join regime brigades warning them that they had been “brainwashed by terrorists.”

“Due to the large numbers of messages we have received from the ‘Syrian Communications Network,” one of the young men announces with sarcasm, “we decided to surrender ourselves to Assad’s army, but when we go to any checkpoint, we discover only the Free Syrian Army or Jabhat a-Nusra, without any trace of regime elements or shabiha.”

The men refer to their battalion as “Antar idn Shaddad,” a famous pre-Islamic poet known for his verse and military bravery.

Several regime airstrikes targeted the village of Ankhil in Daraa Sunday, as violent clashes continued between the Free Syrian Army and government troops, in the village of Atman the pro-opposition Local Coordination Committee reported.

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