20 01, 2019

Local councils, civil society brace for HTS takeover after cuts to healthcare funding in rebel-held northwest

By Mohammad Abdulssattar IbrahimAmmar HamouAlice Al MalehAvery Edelman|2020-12-03T11:55:23+02:00January 20, 2019|

AMMAN: Civil society organizations and local government bodies in Syria’s rebel-held northwest are bracing for funding cuts and an encroaching transition towards hardline Islamist rule, after several health directorates in the region suspended employment salaries in response to at least one key donor reportedly pulling funding late last week. 

8 01, 2019

HTS continues offensive against areas of rebel-held northwest, ‘cutting off’ and seizing nearly a dozen towns from factional rivals

By Noura HouraniJustin Clark|2020-12-03T12:00:28+02:00January 8, 2019|

AMMAN: Hardline Islamist fighters from Hay’at Tahrir a-Sham seized nearly a dozen towns and villages from rival Syrian opposition factions in the country’s northwest Tuesday morning, as inter-factional clashes continue to tip the balance of power across the rebel-held region for a second week.

26 11, 2018

‘Uneasy’ peace hangs over Syria’s northwest after airstrikes, alleged chemical attack

By Ammar HamouMohammad Abdulssattar IbrahimJustin ClarkJodi Brignola|2020-12-03T12:06:36+02:00November 26, 2018|

AMMAN: A Russian- and Turkish-brokered demilitarized buffer zone in northwestern Syria that has weathered months of tit-for-tat violence between pro-government forces and rebels could hang in the balance after a major escalation in bombardments there that has tested relations between Moscow and Ankara.

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