Syrian refugees in Lebanon are eligible to get the COVID-19 vaccine, but few know how

In Lebanon, few Syrian refugees know how to register to get the COVID-19 vaccine

By Alicia Medina|2021-03-09T16:01:22+02:00March 9, 2021|Coronavirus, Diaspora & Refugees, Multimedia, Videos|

Syrians included in Jordan’s plan to confront COVID-19: First vaccination center opens in Zaatari camp

Ninety-six Syrian refugees received the COVID-19 vaccine this week as the first group to benefit from the new vaccination center in Zaatari camp

By Ammar Hamou|2021-03-01T11:05:57+02:00February 18, 2021|Coronavirus, Diaspora & Refugees, Photos|

Getting rid of COVID-19 waste: Another obstacle to confronting the pandemic in northwest Syria

The absence of a central medical incinerator or dedicated incinerators in coronavirus centers to dispose of waste challenges the medical sector.

By Mosab Al-Ashqar|2021-02-17T11:44:11+02:00January 27, 2021|Coronavirus, Environment, Idlib, Reports|

Syria’s COVID-19 vaccine is expected by April, but fair access is not guaranteed

Ahead of the vaccination rollout, humanitarian actors warn of the risk of discriminatory practices in the distribution of the vaccine if Damascus is given free rein.

By Lyse MauvaisAlicia Medina|2021-02-14T12:57:00+02:00January 14, 2021|Coronavirus|

The muffled advance of COVID-19 in Syrian refugee camps in Lebanon

The stigma, misinformation about the virus and the reluctance to report to authorities augur a dark scenario for the overcrowded Syrian refugee camps in Lebanon.

By Alicia Medina|2021-03-01T11:23:31+02:00November 22, 2020|Coronavirus, Diaspora & Refugees, Multimedia, Photos, Videos|

Al-Rukban camp has no doctors, but that could change

Al-Rukban camp, a hastily put together settlement in the no-man’s land between Syria and Jordan, has been all but forgotten by the world.

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