Northeast Syria’s farmers brace for a catastrophic harvest amidst a severe water crisis

The wheat harvest is starting in northeast Syria amidst a regional drought. Local farmers expect very poor yields, which will have dire consequences as nearly 60% of Syrians are already food insecure.

By Lyse Mauvais|2021-05-30T15:32:25+03:00May 26, 2021|Deir e-Zor, Economy, Environment, Hasakah, Raqqa|

As the level of the Euphrates River drops, Syrian civilians on its banks pay the price

Turkey’s blocking of the Euphrates River water flow threatens northeast Syria with multiple short- and long-term disasters

By Hasan Al-Kassab|2021-05-09T15:16:34+03:00May 9, 2021|Culture & Society, Environment, Raqqa|

Raqqa residents suffer daily while awaiting bridge reconstruction

Coalition bombings and IS attacks decimated Raqqa city’s infrastructure, including bridges. With bridges sitting in disrepair, Raqqa’s residents suffer from a transportation crisis.

By Ammar HamouHasan Al-Kassab|2021-05-07T12:23:30+03:00April 29, 2021|Culture & Society, Raqqa|

Years after IS expulsion, destroyed bridges and continued suffering in Raqqa (Photos)

The province contains 134 bridges and crossings. Some 66 of these were completely or partially destroyed by international coalition bombings or IS attacks.

By Ammar HamouHasan Al-Kassab|2021-04-29T13:12:03+03:00April 26, 2021|Culture & Society, Photos, Raqqa|

Ain Issa: SDF caught between military confrontation with Ankara and submission to Damascus’s demands

The latest negotiations between the Kurdish-dominated Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria (AA) and Damascus have reached an impasse.

By Maher al-Hamdan|2021-02-14T12:54:30+02:00January 18, 2021|Politics, Raqqa, Reports|

By targeting a Russian base in Raqqa, Hurras al-Din sends a multifaceted message

Despite its limited scope, the Tal al-Samen operation is the first operation by Hurras al-Din outside of its main area of operation in the countryside of Idlib.

By Walid Al Nofal|2021-02-14T12:59:14+02:00January 6, 2021|Politics, Raqqa, Reports|

The Autonomous Administration launches new reforms to placate tribal elements

Will new reforms be enough to quell discontent within the Autonomous Administration? The promised reforms include “local elections” across AA areas within a year.

By Will Christou|2021-02-14T13:03:57+02:00November 29, 2020|Aleppo, Deir e-Zor, Hasakah, Politics, Raqqa, Reports|

Can the Autonomous Administration solve its tribal problem in northeast Syria?

Recent moves by the Autonomous Administration to placate Arab tribes are a positive step for stability in northeast Syria–but will it be enough?

By Will Christou|2020-12-01T14:15:11+02:00October 25, 2020|Deir e-Zor, Hasakah, Politics, Raqqa, Reports|

SDF continues to recruit child soldiers, despite pledges to stop the practice

Despite promising to end the use of child soldiers in 2014, the SDF has continued to recruit and use child soldiers.

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