25 09, 2023
  • Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and First Lady Asma al-Assad are greeted as they arrive in China’s eastern city of Huangzhou for the first state visit in nearly 20 years, 21/9/2023 (AFP Photo/Ho/SANA)

Assad ‘looking for handouts’ on rare trip to China

By Hanna Davis|2024-01-30T18:17:29+01:00September 25, 2023|

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad visited China for the first time in nearly 20 years this week, deepening ties between the two countries in the hopes of increased financial support that may not be forthcoming.

30 07, 2019

Hezbollah transforms civilians’ homes in southern Syria into Israeli targets

By Syria Direct Staff|2020-12-02T14:15:28+01:00July 30, 2019|

AMMAN— Despite years of fighting in southern Syria between the government forces and its allied Iranian-backed militias, on the one hand, and the opposition factions on the other, Abu Hassan al-Jolani's house survived the destruction. However, the house has been pummeled into rubble a year after the end of hostilities which resulted in government forces taking control of the entire area in July 2018.

1 04, 2019

In occupied Golan Heights, little surprise over Trump’s recognition of Israeli sovereignty: ‘We’re already living these policies’

By Syria Direct|2024-01-30T14:32:38+01:00April 1, 2019|

Up one of the hillside streets that winds through Majdal Shams is a run-down tailor shop hidden among the limestone apartment buildings. There are no signs of Israeli tourists on this street, in a quiet residential corner of town just steps from a fenced-off border zone separating Israeli-occupied territory from a ceasefire line demarcating areas controlled by the Syrian government.

21 02, 2019

Souriyeh / سوريّة: Women’s voices from Syria

By Syria Direct|2021-02-11T09:53:50+01:00February 21, 2019|

For around five years, Judi Arash lived under siege in a bombed-out, encircled rebel-held area of northern Homs that, at one point, was restricted to just three square kilometers.As a respite, she threw herself into her job as a journalist, choosing to report on the conflict unfolding around her.

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