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Damascus: Mid-day news update 5-3-13

The update from Damascus and its suburbs is provided by Shahed […]

3 May 2013

EyewitnessThe update from Damascus and its suburbs is provided by Shahed News, a network of vetted Syrian citizen journalists providing independent, accurate and reliable news from Damascus and its suburbs.



* A mortar lands on a residential building in front of al-Hayat Hospital and results in property damage.

* The regime forces’ campaign against the Barzeh district continues. The area has been targeted by mortars and anti-aircraft machine guns. Three artillery shells landed near the big mosque.

* Heavy artillery bombardment from Qasioun Mountain on Jobar district. The bombing targets the area of Badayer Jeddieh, across the highway.

Outer Damascus:

* Seven killed in heavy bombardment on the town of Rankous in al-Kalamoon. The FSA has taken control over the Saidnaya military observatory that overlooks Saidnaya Prison, gaining weapons in the process.

* Two killed and a number of people injured in regime rocket bombardment on the town of Melayha as people were finishing Friday prayers at [the town’s] mosques.

*Rocket and artillery bombardment on the city of Moadamiya from the army posts around it.

* Fierce clashes between the FSA and regime forces near the town of Dorsha, on al-Salam Highway in the western side of Outer Damascus. The regime bombed with area with mortars as they attempted to invade it.


* US President Barak Obama says he will continue to consider the amount of assistance provided for the Syrian armed opposition, and study all available options in response to the use of chemical weapons inside Syria.

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