Falling food for rebels

October 8, 2013

ACCIDENTAL SUPPORT: Regime choppers drop food and water supplies for its al-Hajanneh Battalion in Daraa province near the Jordanian border on Monday, but the parachutes fell outside the base, where rebels have encircled it.

“Food, food is falling next to our guys,” shout one of the rebels with laughter as the parachutes float into their area.

Daraa Media Office manager Naif al-Sari told Syria Direct that al-Hajjaneh battalion has been blockaded by the FSA for three months.

Daraa’s former customs department was liberated last week, which is next to Hajjaneh battalion. “The importance of this battalion is its closeness to Daraa-Ramtha crossing point, as it is the biggest stronghold for regime forces on the borders,” said Sari.

“Soon comes victory, and until then the people will die either of hunger or the mujahadin’s bullets,” said one of the rebels as he showed the camera the food and water the fallen bags were holding.


The recently captured customs area near Daraa’s border with the Jordanian city of Ramtha. Image courtesy of Lens Young Horany.

Video courtesy of Free Syrian REV.

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