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Idris says Syrians will determine revolution’s end

‘THE COLLAPSE HAS BEGUN’: “Syrians are the decisive factor and […]

1 September 2013

‘THE COLLAPSE HAS BEGUN’: “Syrians are the decisive factor and they will determine a solution to this conflict,” Free Syrian Army Chief of Staff Salim Idris told Al-Arabiya in an interview on Saturday.


Speaking from an undisclosed location along the Turkish border, the brigadier general says that his Free Syrian Army welcomes the proposed United States-led strike, but “without American boots on the ground.”

Part of the interview transcribed here:

“We welcome this strike with all our hearts because Bashar brought this strike upon himself. It is he who forced these countries to do what is happening to him today, because of the intransigence and malice he displayed towards all Syrians in an effort to retain his throne. We are fully aware that these strikes alone will not resolve the conflict, and that Western society and international allies will not fight on the ground in Syria in place of Syrians. Syrians are the decisive factor and they will determine a solution to this conflict.

Your weapons are in your hands, my fighting brothers in the Free Army, you and your leaders will determine the battle. But we are also focused on benefitting from the strike and we are ready to occupy the roles that will vacate at the collapse of the regime. And the collapse has begun to appear in many places.”

Throughout the interview, Idris references the imminent fall, or “collapse,” of Assad’s government. He promises that all “criminals” of the regime will be brought before just courts, and suggests that today might be the last chance for Syrian soldiers to defect.

Video courtesy of AlGahdTV3

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