JAN tweets photo of suicide bombers

May 26, 2014

Jabhat a-Nusra

AMERICAN PSYCHO?: Four suicide bombers from Jabhat a-Nusra—including, allegedly, an American citizen (right)—sit with their weapons prior to launching coordinated attacks on Syrian government checkpoints in Idlib’s Jabal al-Arbayin on Sunday, in a photo circulated by an a-Nusra twitter account.

Jabal al-Arbayin is part of the Jabal al-Zawiya mountain range, where many of northwestern Syria’s rebels and their weapons are concentrated. The Syrian government has retained its presence on Jabal al-Arbayin, using the high ground to shell rebel-held territory in Idlib.

In addition to securing rebel positions in Jabal al-Zawiya, the attacks sought to “ease the pressure” on opposition fighters in southern Idlib province, according to Abdallah Jadaan, an Idlib-based correspondent with pro-opposition Syria Mubasher. Rebel fighters on Sunday mounted a furious campaign to seize the town of Khan Sheikhoun along the M5 highway linking Damascus with central and northern Syria.

Photo courtesy of @JN_Edlib.

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