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‘Judgment day’ in the capital, says Damascus university student

September 4, 2013 “A son of Syria has been killing […]

4 September 2013

September 4, 2013

“A son of Syria has been killing us for three years,” Damascus resident Ghazal Najim tells Nuha Shabaan. “The foreigner, America, can help rid us of him.” Najim, who abandoned her study of business management as the security situation in Damascus began to deteriorate, says that whether they support or reject impending American intervention in Syria, Damascenes are living with some level of fear. Prices of goods have skyrocketed around the capital, with citizens lining to buy their daily bread “like it’s judgment day.”

Q: What are the movements on the ground around you, and what are you hearing from people about the US-led strike?

A: Daily life is mostly normal, but people are scared and stocking up on food and medicine. They are scared of the war. Imagine, a bag of bread is sold for 150 lira or sometimes 200 when we used to buy it for 25, and back then it contained 10 loafs, now it’s 7 or less. The merchants are taking advantage of people, and there are long lines at bakeries and ovens like it’s judgment day. A tank of gas is 3,000 lira, if gas is even available.

At the same time, a huge number of people see that the tide has turned against the regime and the strike will take place against the regime. They are optimistic and they trust that Obama will strike the regime and will not hurt the people. God willing they are correct.

From where I’m standing, from what I hear and see, there is consensus about the US strike. People are happy that America will strike.

Q: Why are some people afraid and what is their stance on the revolution?

A: The people want to get rid of the regime. They are not scared of the United States hitting the people, the majority think the military strike is the only solution. There is a blind segment that still supports the regime and doesn’t want the strike. They are convinced that there is a war against the people.

There is also a large segment that are scared and hide their opinion because they are afraid to show that they don’t agree with the strike.

Some say that a son of Syria (Bashar) has been killing us for three years and that the foreigner, America, can help rid us of him.

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