Mufti of Aleppo appeals to Syrians to join army

May 14, 2015

In a meeting of Islamic religious leaders in Aleppo on Wednesday, the city’s Mufti, appointed and employed by the Syrian government, said that serving the Syrian army, whether in a mandatory or voluntary capacity, is a religious, national, social, and moral duty for all able-bodied Syrian men, reported Syrian state-run media agency SANA.

“Joining the battle for victory will be according to God’s favor, and martyrdom means an immortal and eternal life,” said Muhammed Akkaf, addressing all Syrian citizens, in a copy of his speech given to SANA.

A mufti is an Islamic scholar whose course of study qualifies him to make official religious decrees, or fatwas.

Last month, the Syrian regime’s Grand Mufti issued a decree calling for the “total annihilation” of areas under rebel control, in addition to demanding that “every area that a shell comes out of be razed, no matter who lives in it” in a televised interview.

-Photo courtesy of NNRG

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