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Tribal leaders agree to fight Islamic State in A-Raqqa

Arab tribal leaders from the Tel Abyad region “expressed their […]

25 August 2015

Arab tribal leaders from the Tel Abyad region “expressed their preparedness to fight with the FSA” to drive out Islamic State elements from northern A-Raqqa province in a meeting with FSA-affiliated Rebels of A-Raqqa Brigade, a brigade spokesman told Syria Direct on Tuesday.

“The Arab tribes expressed their preparedness to fight with the FSA to free A-Raqqa city and its countryside from the Islamic State,” Abu Muath A-Raqqa told Syria Direct.

The tribal leaders, who requested the meeting, said during the Monday meeting they were willing to cooperate with the brigade, the spokesman added.

“Military work will continue to remain under the auspices of Kurdish-Arab joint forces in the Euphrates Volcano Operations Room,” Abu Umar a-Raqawi, a fighter from the group who was briefed on the meeting, told Syria Direct from A-Raqqa.  

Euphrates Volcano refers to the coalition between the Kurdish People’s Protection Units (YPG) and the FSA, of which the Rebels of A-Raqqa Brigade is the sole Arab and FSA contingent. The coalition captured Tel Abyad from the Islamic State in June and has since been preparing for an assault on A-Raqqa city, the provincial capital and seat of the Islamic State’s so-called “caliphate” in Syria.

In addition to the latest military developments on the front lines against IS in A-Raqqa, the tribal leaders expressed complaints about civil services to the Brigade, which is responsible for Arab areas under the control of the Euphrates Volcano.

Among their complaints were lack of fuel availability, implementing an agreement with Turkey to provide pesticide and fertilizer and other issues related to agriculture and livestock, said Abu Umar.

– Photo courtesy of Raqqa is Being Slaughtered Silently

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